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Trenchless Sewer Replacement - sewer in Summit, NJ

Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer lines fail all the time, however, do not be discouraged! The traditional method to replace a sewer line is having to excavate an entire trench. We have good news. That method is a thing of the past. Today, we replace sewer lines using Pipe Bursting Technology.

How It Works

In order to Pipe Burst a new sewer line, we only have to excavate two openings. One opening outside the foundation of the building and the other in the roadway or at the curb line. Once this is completed, we insert a steel cable and pull a new sewer line from one opening to the other. As the line is being pulled, the old line is shattering below ground and a new line is sitting in its place.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Many customers have root intrusions in their existing sewer lines which is one major cause for the sewer replacement. What's great about this method is that there are no joints in the new line. Prior to the pipe being inserted, the pipe is cut to the exact length needed and the joints are fused together creating one long sewer line. The worry about new roots growing through the new line will not be a worry any longer.

Imagine the existing sewer line running be low beautiful decorative landscaping on your property. Imagine the costs incurred with having to remove the landscaping prior to excavating that gaping trench through your property and then having to re -plant once the job has been completed. With Pipe Bursting Technology the cost savings alone for such methods are undeniable. Lean on our company for all of your sewer replacement needs.
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